Amazing YouTube Thumbnail Ideas People Love To Click & Get More Views

YouTube thumbnail ideas

Seeking to make the greatest YouTube thumbnail ideas to increase views? Looking for samples and inspiration to make your own unique thumbnail designs? then continue reading! YouTube has firmly cemented its position as the most popular video platform in the world with over 1.7 billion unique monthly visits and 694,000 hours of video streamed on the site every day.

And if there’s one simple thing you can do to improve the likelihood that people will watch and click on your videos, it’s to include an enticing thumbnail. Your videos will perform better in the YouTube algorithm the greater your click-through rate is, as any engagement is a signal for YouTube to show your video to more viewers.


A video thumbnail on YouTube is a tiny, clickable still image that appears next to your videos. Simply put, a thumbnail’s primary goal is to grab viewers’ attention and persuade them to click on your video.

When you post a video to YouTube, it will provide you a selection of still images to use as the preview image that will appear next to it in search terms. However, picking one of these options is insufficient if you want your movie to perform well. An individual thumbnail can help in this situation.

YouTube Thumbnail Ideas That Will Get You Clicks And Get More Views.

1: Consider the audience you are targeting

Consider yourself to be a member of the target audience. What are their main worries? They can be swamped with Internet work. They are short on time. Searched for your video in an effort to get your answers. The beautifully crafted thumbnail image for your YouTube video prompts them to click to view it right away. Ta-da! You’ve just added a new viewer.

2: Use bright colors

Make advantage of vivid and contrasting colors to make your thumbnail micro stand out. Avoid using light hues. Did you know, in fact, that choosing the color yellow in your thumbnail can increase your YouTube click-through and view-through rates?

3: Before-and-after comparison

YouTube users love thumbnails that show an item or location in its current form and its previous states, such as a barren room or a dying landscape. Humans enjoy watching changes, especially when the end product diverges significantly from the original. This shift in the thumbnail demonstrates to viewers that the video is interesting enough to watch.

4: Quotes or sound bites

If you’re going to include text on a thumbnail, think about using a line or a sound clip from the video. This will give viewers a sneak peek of what to anticipate after they hit play. Also, the video gets more alluring the more intriguing the sound bite is.

5: Add text descriptions for your thumbnail

YouTube thumbnail descriptions are an important part of getting people to click on your videos and watch them in full. They help viewers understand what they’ll get from watching your content, and what kinds of things they’ll see after clicking play.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for adding text descriptions to your thumbnails, check out this article on  YouTube Thumbnail Ideas That Will Get You Clicks and get more views. It includes some great examples that will help you come up with ideas for your own thumbnails!

6: Show off your brand colors and design elements.

Your thumbnail should reflect your brand colors and design elements in a subtle way so that viewers don’t immediately notice it as much as they would if it was more obvious. If you have logos or icons on your website or social media pages, use those here tool

7: Use high-quality images

Use high-quality images with large resolution so that they are not blurred when viewed from mobile devices or tablets. Smaller images will look pixelated when viewed on these devices so make sure that your images aren’t too small or pixelated before uploading them to YouTube.

8: Use a professional photography studio

Professional photography studios have access to advanced editing software that allows them to make professional quality photos that look great on any device whether it’s a smartphone or tablet computer. If you don’t have access

9: Use a video with multiple angles or perspectives on it.

You want to make sure that this video has as many angles as possible so that when someone watches it they’ll see what’s going on from every possible position in the shot! This helps make your video look more interesting and engaging for viewers who want to see what’s happening behind the scenes of your video.

As you can see, YouTube thumbnail ideas are an extremely important part of your video marketing strategy. It’s where you can really make a difference in getting the viewers to click on your video and watch it in full.

Wrap up

YouTube thumbnails are very important and need to be creative enough to grab the viewers’ attention. If you’re finding it hard to design eye-catchy YouTube thumbnail ideas yourself, then check out these suggestions to create one that will definitely attract more viewers and boost your video views.

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