The Top Google Chrome Extensions For Improving SEO Performance:

SEO performance can be improved per tool, but here are some of the finest Google Chrome extensions for boosting SEO performance.

There are multiple SEO Chrome extensions widely available on the internet; SEO specialists identify them by devoting extra effort to finding a perfect extension for their SEO The true meaning of utilizing an excellent SEO The importance of the Chrome extension cannot be emphasized. If you want your site to rank on Google, SEO is crucial, and the appropriate extension may help you simplify study and analysis, which tends to result in a more successful SEO approach.

So, if you want your website and blog posts to be error-free and SEO-optimized, you should use the Grammar checker tool. By utilizing this tool, you should be able to rank on Chrome effectively.

In this article, I will discuss top google extensions for improving seo performance.

SEO Chrome Extension:


Seo quake is a tool that allows you to check your website against Google’s algorithms. You can see where you are ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and how well your site is performing compared to other sites in its niche.

This information can help you improve your SEO performance by showing you where you need to focus your efforts and how to prioritize those areas. In addition, Seoquake also provides information on which pages are over-indexed with too many backlinks, as well as which pages are not being indexed as much as they could be. You can run Seoquake against up to 10 websites at once and the results will be presented in an easy-to-read table. So it is free for all users.

  1. Mozbar
  2. Ahrefs Extention
  3. Mangools etc

These are some SEO chrome extensions for improving your SEO performance.

Extension for keywords research:


A Ubersuggest extension is a great tool that helps you find relevant keywords and phrases to use in your content. It also provides suggestions for writing long-tail keywords so that more people will be able to find them.

However, it can be used on your blog, in social media posts, and on other websites. The extension is free and works offline. This extension is one of our favorite tools for improving search engine optimization (SEO). It’s easy to use, but it can be very powerful when used correctly.

  1. Keyword Everywhere
  2. Keyword-suffers

Similar to ubersuggest, these are the keywords research extensions

Extension for SERP:

SERP stands for search engine results pages this extension is a useful tool for SEO to analyze and identify issues on the SERPs. It lets you see what keywords your competitors are ranking for, what keywords they’re bidding on, and more. So there’s no excuse not to check it out because it’s free!

It also allows you to see related keywords, how many times they appear on the first page of results, whether there are any images on the page, and more. You can use this extension on different search engines like google, chrome, etc

  1. Serp counter extension.
  2. Frank extension.

On-page SEO extension:

SEO Minion:

SEO minion is an extension that allows you to track your keywords in Google. Having this information will help you to improve your rankings and find out what keywords are most important for your website. The extension also provides you with suggestions for optimizing your pages.

Background and doesn’t require any configuration or setup. You just need to install it and start using it right away it has a feature which is known as keyworIt works in thed density this extension is a free and lightweight chrome extension that lets you monitor your competitors and also improve your SEO performance.

Technical SEO extension:

Redirect path extension:

The redirect path extension provides a list of all the pages on your site that are redirected to another page on your site. This can be useful for finding out which pages on your site are being redirected to other pages, and for seeing where people are being redirected from.

It’s also useful for finding out whether you have duplicate content issues, or if you have any broken links.

  1. Detailed SEO extension
  2. SEO pro extension
  3. Sitecheacker.
  4. Yoast extension

As we know SEO is a vital tool for any business, and Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on the planet. Google Chrome is also a fantastic way to improve SEO performance, especially when you use Chrome extensions to optimize your website.


Having the right SEO tools in the right place at the right time is an important part of an SEO professional’s work. This list should have given you a decent sense of some of these tools, by using the extension you should improve your SEO performance

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