Step-By-Step Guide: How To Use Currency Exchange Api

Introduction to Currency Exchange Api

Currency Exchange API is an open source service which helps you to get access to live currency rates for over 180 countries. With our help, you can do all the calculations you need when receiving international payments. The most important thing about using this platform is that it offers services for free and does not require any sign in details or any kind of registration.

The Currency Exchange API provides an easy and powerful way to convert currency pairs between different currencies. It provides a very simple interface which can be used to convert any amount of currency pairs into any other currency pair. This means that this API can be used by anyone who wants to convert one currency pair into another, or by developers who want to create their own currency conversion services.

This guide will teach you how to programmatically get raw exchange rates from live API feeds using PHP.

How to use Currency Exchange Api


Set up an account first; stock API registration is free. user will receive an API key. after complete registration. Use unique number and letter combination to access Exchange’s access points.


To start using Currency Exchange Api, you will need to know firstly which currency pairs you would like to trade. You can do this by entering your preferred currency pairs into the list box and then clicking on “Add”.


You can also enter multiple pairs at once if you wish. To do this, click on “Add All” and then enter the amount of currency pairs that you would like to trade in each transaction. This will allow you to see how much profit or loss is being made with each transaction before making a decision on whether it is worth continuing with this exchange rate.


Once all of your desired currency pairings have been entered click on “Next” and then enter your amount of bitcoin into the box It will convert the amount of bitcoin into dollars based on the current exchange rate for bitcoin against dollars that is currently being used by our service provider (XF).


Then simply click on “Submit Payment” and we will begin processing your order immediately!

Benefits of using currency exchanger API

Supports a variety of apps

Building various software solutions, webpages, apps, or platforms on top of the API for currency conversion is practical. Your company can prepare to use APIs to develop a variety of solutions.

The crypto API has two endpoints: GET and POST. Both endpoints return JSON data in response. The GET endpoint returns currency pairs and their value in AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR and GBP. The POST endpoint accepts several request parameters and returns one JSON object with the converted amount

Analytics and Data Science made simple

Data scientists and analysts compile helpful data from numerous sources and provide investment decision-makers with their expert viewpoints. They also develop displays and tools to streamline the investing process.

App Development Process Clarified

The API for currency exchange enables you to create programs that perform functions that revolve around getting information from us and carrying out predetermined processes.

Emphasis on strengths

Designers can provide you with a currency conversion rate API that will make you feel quite secure. It’s not necessary to search for and gather forex data, maintain its accuracy, compile a database of historical exchange rates, or get millisecond real-time data. You can focus on your expertise field and please your users by using currency API.

Attract Customers to Expand Your Business

By using currency API, you may create a functionality, user-friendly platform for the Forex market or analytics that your clients will adore. Users can also access past data to carry out market research and make wise trading judgments.

Tools for the Portfolio Dashboard

The currency API can be used by your company to handle client portfolio evaluations in the currencies of their choice. You can get ready to offer these services to clients in the public, private, as well as business sectors.


The Currency Exchange Api allows designers to deal in US Dollars, Euro and British Pounds. We will cover the Currency exchange api in detail. For many years, Trader Made has been a well-known data provider with a dependable and accurate Currency Exchange API. By selecting us as your market information partner right now, you may carry out your projects based on forex data with ease and expand your company.


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