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Can Plywood Doors Be Waterproof Doors?

Plywood Doors

Are you thinking about using plywood for the doors in your home? The question in your head might be, would a plywood door be waterproof? Considering a door can come in contact with moisture, rain, or water from various sources, you might be thinking of going for a plywood door with at least some resistance against water.

In this blog, we will discuss if a plywood door can be waterproof and the different grades of plywood based on the resistance they offer against water and moisture. Let’s get started straight now without any further delay.

Can a plywood door be waterproof?

Yes. It might be surprising that something made out of wood can be water resistant, but it is true. Not every plywood is waterproof. Some are not, while some may provide a basic resistance against moisture and water. The level of resistance a door possesses against water is based completely on the grade of plywood used to make the door.

Types of plywood based on their resistance to water

Now that you know that a plywood door can be waterproof or water-resistant let us discuss the types of plywood used indoors based on their resistance against water, moisture, and rain.

Following are the three main types:

MR grade plywood

The MR in MR grade plywood stands for Moisture Resistant. This type of plywood is also called commercial plywood, as it is the most widely used plywood of all. MR grade plywood is the best fit for indoor uses such as making furniture, doors, cabinets, wardrobe, shelves, and such.

This plywood defies moisture and humidity. This does not mean that it is waterproof. Although it has the capacity to endure the effects of water and moisture for a long time, it is not water resistant. It is made in such a way that any pores or openings in the plywood can be blocked efficiently, locking out moisture from the door.

Nevertheless, MR-grade plywood offers the maximum level of strength, which is unmatched by any other grade of plywood.

MR grade plywood is also warp-resistant, giving you a longer life on your doors and maintaining their stability throughout.

And just like any other plywood, MR plywood is also available in different types like high-quality MR grade plywood and low-quality MR grade plywood.

BWR grade plywood

The BWR in BWR grade plywood stands for Boiling Water Resistant. As the name suggests, this is one step ahead of the previous MR-grade plywood. This plywood can resist water to decent limits and is the perfect choice for doors that are likely to get in contact with water for short periods.

It gets its water resistance feature from A-grade phenolic resins or phenol formaldehyde adhesive, which strengthens its resistance against water and moisture.

This, too, is warp-free, meaning the ply used in the door will not bend over time. This feature keeps the door healthy and long-lasting.

A lot of doors in this category are borer and termite free, so you do not have to worry about insects eating away at your beautiful furniture. The BWR grade plywood is ideal if you are living under humid climatic conditions since it offers better resistance than the commercial MR grade plywood.

It can be used for outdoor, semi-outdoor, and even indoor purposes for furniture such as doors, kitchen cabinets, patio tables, and more.

BWP grade plywood

The BWP in BWP grade plywood stands for Boiling Water Proof, and it offers the highest level of resistance against water, rain, and moisture. This feature makes it a preferable option for furniture that is exposed to moisture and water for longer periods, such as kitchen cabinets, under-basin cabinets, washroom cabinets, washroom doors and more.

This is also the most durable among all the plywood grades. Its durability comes from the increased number of veneer sheets attached to it. Both phenolic and melamine adhesives are used in BWP-grade plywood to uplift its quality and longevity.

This plywood has been tested to withstand boiling water for hours straight and has been proven to retain its quality the same. BWP-grade plywood can withstand high levels of temperature and extreme water exposure.

The adhesives and preservatives used in the manufacturing of this plywood also make it termite and borer free, so it also provides protection against those wood-eating insects and keeps your home safe.

Which is the best plywood for waterproof doors?

The answer to that is clear. BWP [boiling waterproof] grade plywood is the best plywood for waterproof doors as it offers maximum resistance against water, moisture, and rain. If you are looking for outdoor furniture, this is the right option.

However, if you are looking for inside doors, you do not need to waste money on this waterproof plywood. For that, you can use MR-grade plywood or even BWR-grade plywood.


To answer your question, yes, a plywood door can be waterproof. The level of resistance it puts against water, rain, and moisture depends on the grade of plywood you use. The three types are MR-grade plywood, BWR-grade plywood, and BWP plywood.

CenturyPly offers an exclusive range of plywood doors in all three grades. Our options are premium and economical for all consumers. Moreover, our extensive options indoors will give you limitless options that you can style based on the space and its aesthetic.

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