How To Become A Sexy Girl In Just 24 Hours? A Day in Miss Sexy’s Life

Before squinting, find out that sexy isn't inescapably synonymous with a lemon (unless you ’re called Paris Hilton or Bianca Dragusanu). Miss Sexy doesn't walk with tons of makeup, 10 cm heels and ruinous splits. She’s sexy because she feels good indeed in her basketballs, like an Avril Lavigne, for illustration.

How To Become A Sexy Girl In Just 24 Hours? A Day in Miss Sexy’s Life

 To be a “ noticed” girl, to attract attention, you have to work a little harder and increase your cure of tone- confidence. And now let’s go into the life of a sexy girl for a Saturday, to steal all her tricks! 

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 Wake up beforehand! A good launch to the day 
 Saturday at 9:00 AM
 Assignment 1 The sexy station belongs to girls who wake up beforehand. To start your day without any stress, you don't have to be lazy in bed, but to wake up beforehand with the help of cheerful music that motivates you to leave it. 
 Meanwhile, Miss Ugly is asleep, still with the former evening’s make-up on her face, which she was too lazy to remove. Ooops! 
 9:01 AM
 Miss Sexy goes to get her water bottle. That’s because he knows that the first step to beauty is to hydrate after the eight hours of obligatory sleep. 
 Result Miss Sexy feels ready to climb a mountain. 
 9:05 AM
 Miss Sexy dresses in her super nice tracksuit – she just ca n’t leave the house anyway. Why? Because he not only goes out for a simple jam, but also to get some air and especially because you noway know when he'll meet an athlete who's training, preparing for the marathon … 

 That’s why Miss Sexy will take a walk around the neighborhood, stopping from time to time to take care of certain details to look for commodity in her fund, to tie her laces or to arrange her hair. 
 When she detects a nice boy on the horizon, she pretends to have sprained her ankle and with a little luck the joe jumps to her aid, and she, super agitated, appreciates his gift as a good masseur. 
 Or perhaps she plays the part of the shy one “ Oh, how embarrassed I'm about this situation!”, In order to latterly invite him to drink a juice to thank her. And if he’s in a hurry, he ’ll give her her cell phone number. 
 10:00 AM
 After sports, relaxation! Miss Sexy sits in front of the glass. 
 Golden rule indeed if you aren't a top model, you have to act as if you were. You must first be indulgent with yourself. 
 Thus, in front of the glass, approaching a positive station, Miss Sexy forgets her excrescencies and focuses on the rates “ I've Halle Berry’s arms. Would my burro fit into Kylie Minogue’s films? Presumably not yet, but in Jessica Alba’s for sure!” 

 At this time, Miss Ugly has slightly woken up and is now gaping in horror at her blown, makeup-laden eyes and papule- filled face (due to her unmoved makeup, lack of a healthy mess and exercise schedule). 
 Lower is better! 
 10:10 AM
 Miss Sexy is preparing a ambrosial bath with lots of froth. But before soaking in warm, ambrosial water, remove any traces of makeup with a 

 Lately washed skin “ subjects” it to with a product with antibacterial action, that it only needs to get relieve of pustules. It removes the subcaste of dead cells from the face of the skin, cleans pores and prepares the skin for 

 Eventually, he enters the “ masked” bathtub. Do n’t forget to check if he has formerly entered a communication from the boy he conquered while running. Also review the list of all the suckers on Instagram, to make a “ kind”. 
 The ritual ends with a selfie in the relaxing bath. In the end, take a quick shower with colder water, great for skin trimming and super top for guts! 

 The makeup operation 
 10:45 AM

 Miss Sexy’s secret a discreet make-up. Although she does n’t go anywhere without her make-up tackle, she avoids the “ too much make-up” effect. 
 Her trick accentuating her eyes or lips, but noway at the same time. Start with a little greasepaint for mattification and evenness and complete with a 
 At first she's tempted to do the contrary the first one on the skin should be the robe, but she knows that if she doesn't use foundation, it's better to apply it over the greasepaint, because it fixes more. 
 With makeup she'll have princess eyelashes, and theit will make her lips indeed more infectious. A super cool look discreet and sexy. Neither her cousins nor her swain will ever be suitable to condemn her for being tasteless. 
 And, on top of that, it smells veritably good, because it's. 
 But what about the hair? He’s safe too – her particular hairstylist – can unbend it in a natural way. It looks great! 
 Indeed if it’s not Laetitia Casta, our Miss Sexy smiles confidently in the glass, sends a kiss and reprises a fetish word “ You look great!”. Like you, she isn't 100 convinced that she looks great, but the fact that she trusts her helps her a lot every day. 
 Rather, Miss Ugly tries her stylish to hide her dark circles, believing that she'll attract indeed further attention if she loads her face with makeup. Error! Boys detest zany makeup, which inspires superficiality. 

 11:00 AM
 The apparel! Miss Sexy has prepared her clothes for the evening, which she'll wear the coming day. 
 He'll take his favorite jeans, neither the tightest, nor the bones with the smallest midriff, but the brace that suits him stylish (he has formerly asked the opinion of his musketeers) and a (ex “ Do n’t you suppose I ’m sexy?”), The kind that encourages certain commentary from boys. 
 And among these “ observers” will surely be plant some further than intriguing. Miss Sexy can go she will, because she’s a woman who likes to play and challenge. 
 At academy, at work or at the store, she's always on stage and always ready to flirt a little. She gives a smile to the less intriguing boys, too, because she’s not a suitable girl. It's one of the reasons why she's also veritably loved by those around her. 
 Miss Ugly had n’t taken a shower yet, but she went out to buy chuck in a wide sweater and some old jeans. That’s why he did n’t indeed dare to look at the beauty he likes and which has just appeared in his way. Rather, she did n’t bother to respond to the greeting of the neighbor in the block, who she does n’t consider nice enough for her, but who's also super sweet. 
 Be a true friend! 
 11:40 AM

 Miss Sexy meets her musketeers, because, unlike Miss Ugly, she's popular and enough with all the girls, indeed with the least cute or least popular. 
 In general, he gives a sincere compliment to a girl, which is appreciated. He doesn't tend to disregard a girl just because she's further successful with boys. Occasionally she also suffers and also she knows that she has a shoulder on which she can cry. 
 Now 13:20 PM
 Miss Sexy meets a group of associates for lunch in the megacity. Among them is a boy who has just been abandoned, veritably sad, and who claims that he noway wants to hear from women again. 
 Then's a real challenge for Miss Sexy, who takes out the heavy ordnance and gives her advice “ It’s sad that a boy so cute as you is alone. Either, I heard you ’re a great joe. Some women really do n’t know how to appreciate a good man. “ 
 And just like that, face to face, she still flutters her hair a bit, seduces him with her sexy scent, gives her another mysterious look and hop! He stole a fried potato from his plate. 
 Miss Sexy isn't a scumbag to roar out loud that she's on a diet, because she knows all too well that boys detest girls who are weak and empty after colorful treatments. 
 Rather, Miss Ugly sighs next to the salad she ordered, and the man who invited her to lunch does n’t understand what’s going on. 
 Find out what suits you! 
 15:00 PM

 Miss Sexy goes shopping with her stylish friend. 
 Golden ruleno. 1 to choose less common and sexy clothes. He has no desire not to stand out from the crowd. But guard he does n’t always buy commodity just because it’s fashionable. 
 We therefore reach ruleno. 2 to realize what's good for him and what's not. That’s why she always asks her friend if the skirt she's wearing benefits her figure or not. And he also accepts negative answers. 
 He's not obsessed with what he wears, but tries to choose what suits him. Miss Sexy isn't inescapably a smarter woman than others, but she knows better how to show off her strengths. 
 She bets on the mini skirt if she has Nicole Kidman’s legs and on the neckline if she has the bust of Kim Kardashian. Not the rear! 
 In addition, she knows how to be tone-ironic when necessary, being apprehensive of the effect of this on boys. 
 16:30 PM
 Sitting for a drink with her gal, Miss Sexy tests her charm on the two cute boys at the coming table. 
 He runs his hand through his hair, laughs at the boys’ jokes and starts telling a funny joke whose ending does n’t reveal it, because it’s too racy! And behold, the two are conquered! 

 How Miss Sexy are you? How do you see a day in your life when you try to be as conquering and nice as possible? Write us in the commentary section at the bottom of the runner what a day in Miss Sexy’s life would look like from your perspective. We're veritably curious to find out what you suppose. 

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