10 Best Upcoming Horror Games Like Until Dawn in 2023

Until Dawn Game

2023 is clearly going to be a reasonably impressive year for gaming, with so many genres appearing for us all to play, including shooters, RPGs, open-world adventure games, and – what this list is all about – psychological horror games that will scare the life out of you. This is a category that has been hit or forget over the years, but when game developers get it right, it is equally scary and brilliant. There are a few remakes and some original ideas coming our way next year, so here is a list of some expected upcoming horror games for 2023.

Until Dawn is a 2015 PlayStation 4 engaging theatre horror video game developed by Motivates and inspires Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. When their lives are at risk, the players take control of eight emerging adults who must survive on Blackwood Hill. The game employs a butterfly effect system, in which gamers must make decisions that may alter the plot. Depending on the choices made, all playable characters can live or die

Best upcoming horror games in 2023

Silent Hill Townfall

Konami has given Silent Hill a big boost in October 2022. The company announced that the IP was being revived, and No Code is one of the development teams assisting in this endeavour. These are the people behind the websites Stories Untold and Observation. They are currently working on Silent Hill Townfall, about which we do not yet have much information. The event did not reveal any gameplay footage, but rather served as a teaser to alert fans of the new Silent Hill interaction. Their previous works have been more of a scary riddle type of game experience.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear sequence is just like until dawn game. It is the first game on this list of upcoming horror games for 2023. Honestly, this series has been a bit erratic, with the original game receiving positive reviews remake sent Blooper Team crashing and burning. Because of how unfortunate the previous game was, hopes are high for this instalment, and if it can use the original’s template and then improve on it with great advancements and a cleaner consequence, then this game will be a real treat when it is eventually released next year.

Ad Infinitum

Another survival horror game, but this time it’s about a family drama set in a surrealistic World War I setting. Players will take control of a German soldier fighting for their life in the cruel tunnels of World War I. Haunted by his experiences, the protagonist will encounter terrifying creatures, death traps, bizarre mysteries, and his own inner demons as he makes his way through the battlefield. Though Ad Infinitum isn’t scheduled to release in2023, it’s already causing quite a stir in the gaming community.

Dead Space

If we asked you to name some of the most upcoming  horror games like until dawn of all time, we’re sure Dead Space would be at the top of your list. This remake is of the first game in that critically acclaimed series, and it already sounds like an absolute gem.

A crewman on a ship suddenly attacked by evolved human corpses is the protagonist of the game, set in the 26th century.

Alan Wake 2

We’re all wondering why it took so long to release Alan Wake 2 of the original game – we’ll all be able to play it in 2023. The original received a lot of admiration for its survival elements, intriguing and eerie story, and visuals, so let’s hope the sequel lives up to the hype. Alan Wake 2 should be larger, better, and deadlier than the original, and it will try to keep you guessing with each passing second.


Cryospace is an isometric upcoming horror games like until dawn in which you take on the role of a regular maintenance worker on a separated space shuttle.As the other passengers sleep, it is your responsibility to ensure that the shuttle arrives safely at its destination.

Unfortunately, things do not go as planned when a mysterious alien species takes over your ship. Your new top priority is to survive and assist any defrosted colonists you can The game is available in 2023,


Death ground is notable for including dinosaurs, which are pure nightmare fuel. Despite their terrifying nature, it frequently used these extinct creatures as grist for traditional shooters. Even the famed Dino Crisis series shifted to action in its second instalment. Death ground features both solo and cooperative modes, as well as procedural systems for replay ability.

Grey hill Incident is an upcoming horror game just like until dawn.

In a genre dominated by zombie games, Greyhill Incident deviates from the norm by setting you in a small town in the 1990s as you take control of a regular joe attempting to survive an alien invasion. You must band together with your neighbours to gather supplies, arm yourself, and fight back… or flee for your lives. In Destroy All Humans, it appears that you are playing from the perspective of the humans.

Resident Evil 4

One of the most famous and impactful games of all time is Resident Evil 4. Dead Space might not have existed if it hadn’t been for Resident Evil 4. Its all over camera even became the standard for future third-person shooters. The Resident Evil 4 remake, with a greater emphasis on horror components, modern rendering aspects, and more advanced AI, has the potential to become a new best model for the genre.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated sequel to The Forest, will feature plenty of caves and land discovery as players attempt to stay alive in a slew of scary humanoid beings. first you’ll need to grow your own food, build your own village, and lay tricks to escape the hoard.


In spite of the fact that scary games take years to develop, there are plenty of eagerly anticipated horror games in the works at the momentWe’ve listed ten upcoming horror games above in order of their expected release date that seem to have the most potential to creep you out.


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