5 Benefits Of Roadmaps In Jira Software For Managing Projects

JIRA software

Roadmaps are a crucial aspect of any project. It’s what helps organize the work that needs to be done and continually helps ensure the project stays on track. There are times when a roadmap may be deficient in terms of what it reports or perhaps doesn’t meet certain standards. With all these roadblocks, it can initially seem as though there won’t be any benefit from a roadmap at all. This is why project managers like John Sommerville have created this ebook to help provide some insight into the benefits of creating one when working on a specific product.

Jira Software?

Jira Software is an Atlassian product that was first made available to software developers in 2002 as a straightforward issue-tracking tool. The software is being used for tracking any kind of issue, task, or work item by several teams across industries, including non-IT teams, and for good cause. Jira is a digital platform that teams can use to schedule, monitor projects, publish software, generate reports, and automate tasks.

Hundreds and thousands of businesses used Jira all around the world to create software and track issues. For every step of a company’s growth, the scalable solution provides users with a rich feature set and entrepreneurship security. Developers have extra opportunities to create plugins that enhance any aspect of the product through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Benefits of Jira software for managing projects

There are many benefits of roadmaps in Jira Software for managing projects. Which are discussed below.

A collaborative approach toward teams

A well-organized project plan helps you with a collaborative approach toward your team members. You can easily track the progress and status of each project without much hassle. You can also create a roadmap for your team to follow and work on it together as a team.

To track issues without much hassle

The issue tracker in Jira software allows you to see all the issues that need to be addressed in one place, thereby saving time and effort for your team members. This way, there will be less confusion when it comes to tracking issues related to your projects or tasks.

You can easily track the progress of your projects by viewing them on the roadmap. It helps you to know how far you have progressed in terms of completing tasks and fulfilling commitments made during planning meetings or sprints. The roadmap also displays information about resource allocation, risks involved in completing tasks, etc., for each project entity.

Field mapping and automated synchronization

Jira software enables you to maintain a common database for all your projects. You can share the same database among different teams, which allows them to collaborate easily on issues. The field mapping feature helps you map all issues on the project plan so that there is no ambiguity about the issue type or priority. Automated synchronization ensures that all team members are working on the same version of an issue at any given time.

Keep track of issues shared between teams

This is one of the biggest advantages of using Jira software. It allows you to keep track of all the issues that are shared between multiple teams. This helps in knowing who has been assigned to which issue, who reported it, and when it was reported. You can also see how many people have worked on an issue and when they completed their work. In addition to these, you can also see how much time they spent on each issue and what they did by whom in each iteration or sprint. With this information, you will be able to focus better on your tasks and make sure that they are completed within the time limits set by management.

More effective communication with stakeholders

Communication with stakeholders can be facilitated by using road maps. They can share in various ways, such as email, web, and social media. This helps you keep the communication lines open and lets your team members know what’s coming up next.

In addition, roadmaps help you stay on top of things by giving you an overview of current and upcoming project tasks. This is especially useful when planning for future releases or major milestones in your development process.


Essentially, the roadmap feature in JIRA software will provide you with a blueprint for the future of your software project. It helps stakeholders and product owners plan accordingly, keeping the development team on target. And regardless of what roadmaps look like for your own, personal projects, consider giving this one a try. You might just find that it brings some much-needed order to your efforts.

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