10 Original App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

10 Original App Ideas That Haven't Been Made Yet

The market for mobile applications in the US is reportedly huge and is predicted to expand in the coming years. According to the same reports, it is predicted that the mobile app market will reach $935 billion in 2023.

With this growth, the market will be very lucrative, especially for new entrants with creative software concepts. You can start your career in mobile app development or create a mobile app for your company.

Choosing a major platform is the first step in learning how to build a mobile application. There are a ton to choose from, including Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry RIM. But keep in mind that the mobile business is dominated by Android and iOS.

People who had brilliant ideas that had never been explored before created popular apps. They found a need that people had, filled it, and somehow improved people’s lives. So, if you want to join this group of creative people, check out the list of popular app ideas to develop in America below.

10 App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

Below are 25 great ideas for unreleased Android and iOS apps that you can start developing right away. Once you decided to develop an app don’t forget to get proper mobile SEO service for your newly made applications

1.    Celebrity Identification App

Celebrity Identification App

There is no celebrity recognition app available yet. If you’re good at coding and programming, why not start building right away?

For example, you can create an Android app that requires users to take photos of a specific celebrity that they want to identify or learn more about.

2.    Personal Finance Planner

Personal Finance Planner App

The Personal Finance Planner app is a mobile program that helps users budget and manage money. Users of the software can track their income and expenses, set financial goals, and design a unique budget.

On the app, users can create a profile and enter their income and expenses, including regular bills like rent and utilities as well as subscriptions. The app will then give users a clear picture of their financial situation, including how much money they have available each month to spend.

3.    Calorie Calculator App

Calorie Calculator App

Imagine you attended a wedding where different foods were served that you might not have tried before. The ideal app would be one that can determine the nutrients and calories it contains. Additionally, it would be beneficial if all the ingredients of the food were listed.

4.    Parking Spot Locator App

Parking Spot Locator App

This smartphone app for iOS and Android enables users to find both free and expensive parking garages near their destination.

The software will be built in a way that allows it to navigate any parking space in the area in real-time using webcams, GPS, location, parking data, etc.

5.    Personal Motivator App

Personal Motivator App

We all need motivation to stay active throughout the day. People need more individuality than generic motivational quotes, which are useless. You can create an app that uses information about you to create motivational messages tailored specifically to you. This is better than general advice because it applies to your specific situation.

6.    Criminal Alert App

Users can use the Criminal Alert app to stay informed about wanted criminals in their neighborhood.

Criminal Alert App

Additionally, it will have a button to alert the authorities and a GPS capability for them to locate themselves.

7.    Pet Organizer App

A mobile application called Pet Care Organizer lets pet owners monitor the health and happiness of their animals. Users will be able to enter details about their pet, such as breed, age, and medical history, and the app will then present them with a customized list of care guidelines and tips.

Users of the software will be able to plan and keep track of shots, veterinary appointments, and other medical appointments. Additionally, users can enter any nutrients or prescriptions their pets are taking, and the app will remind them when to give them.

8.    Math & Numerical Problem Solver

Math & Numerical Problem Solver App

Have trouble figuring out math equations? With just a quick scan of the query, this software will provide an immediate response. Even if Google and various other websites exist for educational purposes, providing step-by-step answers and explanations is still a dream. For students, software that supports calculators will be quite useful.

9.    School Supplies Buy & Exchange App

School Supplies Buy & Exchange App

Local and foreign students will have a platform where they can trade, sell, buy, borrow, or borrow school supplies thanks to this iOS and Android mobile app.

Not only this but this service can also be added to some other categories including real estate, literature, electronics, autos, and furniture.

Hence, a marketplace for school supplies app will not only save time for both students and staff but will also result in financial savings for all parties involved.

10. Architecture App

Architecture App

The software should be built in a way that enables users to take pictures of any location they choose and then visually customize it using augmented reality.

In light of this, the software can be used by schools as well as businesses like furniture stores and interior design firms. Your customer satisfaction will increase thanks to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which mobile app is best for business ideas in 2021?

You can create an app to keep up with popular companies. It can be a food ordering app, a fitness app, a parking app, a grocery app, and many others.

  • How can I tell if an app idea already exists?

This sends a signal to the brain that an app should be developed and if the demand for something increases, then a business idea to help the masses.

  • I have an app idea, can you build it for me?

If your idea is sound and has the potential to generate huge revenue in the future, then yes, we can build an app for you.

Wrap Up

There are many apps available, but most of them do not begin to meet the needs of users and people in general. People are drawn to beautiful things, and once you hear about an app idea that appeals to you, it’s hard to forget.

The concepts presented in this article are intended to inspire similar sentiments in others and serve as a reminder to investors, designers, and entrepreneurs of the unrealized potential that is all around us. It’s up to you to make these five ideas a reality. Those are just a few examples of how technology can be used for good.


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