10 Best Free SEO Checker Tools For Auditing Your Site In 2023

Looking for some free SEO tools that can help you audit your site? We have compiled a list of the top 10 best Free SEO tools .....

There are many websites that offer a variety of SEO tools, but how do you pick the right one for your business’ needs? You need to take into consideration several factors when making this decision. Here, find a free SEO tool that will work for your company in 2023.


Although SEMrush is a multifunctional search engine marketing tool, it does provide certain free SEO tools. A free plan, in particular, enables you to run constrained keyword searches and competitive analyses. You can order a small site audit as well as domain and keyword statistics. You can also obtain a few topic reports and some study proposal ideas. These tools enable you to explore SEMrush’s potential while modestly enhancing site SEO.

Sunnyadi seo tool

sunnyadi free seo checker tool is one of the best SEO analyzer where we can check our website provides a free plan service. You may get a comprehensive assessment of the search engine optimization of your page by using our website SEO checker, which will do an inspection of your website and generate a unique SEO report.


MozBar is a free Service provided by Moz. In a word, it provides real-time stats for each page or SERP you visit. Additionally, you may view domain and pageRank, mark up a site for its SEO insights, and discover additional page features or links.

For instance, you can utilize the data from MozBar to raise your domain authority and, as a result, improve your SERP rank if a site has a better seo rankings than yours.


The SEO tool Ubersuggest was built by Neil Patel and offers a free version.In a nutshell, it assists you with keyword research, site ranking tracking, and link analysis. Additionally, it does an audit to assess the overall performance of your website and spot any issues that need to be fixed.

In a nutshell, this is a thorough SEO tool that you may test out without cost. If you enjoy it, you may not require much else but Google tools.

Screaming frog

Screaming Frog is a full-service SEO firm. Two of their tools are available in free versions with a limited set of features. An analyst for log files is the first tool. This bot examines your log files to determine they visited which pages the most and least frequently. Additionally, they check for any technological issues that can ruin your viewer experience.

Second, there is a spider that looks for duplicate pages, redirects, and other mistakes. Your page will be mapped, the information analyze, and a site audit will be done. You can utilize the report produced by this investigation to enhance your website.


Although Ahrefs is a premium programme, they offer a tonne of free SEO tools. These contain several tools for Amazon and various search engines’ keyword research. You also have several widgets and tools for link building that look at the first 10 results for any keyword. Finally, there is a keyword rank checker that displays your site’s performance for a certain keyword across all countries.

These resources are really beneficial. One benefit of using them is that they enable you to search for terms across more websites than just Google. Additionally, bounce rates and link development from broken and backlinks have a significant impact on SEO.


There are both free and paid options on AnswerThePublic. You insert a keyword or URL into its free tool. Then, AnswerThePublic will provide you a list of relevant keyword suggestions in the form of queries and phrases. These are excellent headings for blog entries and FAQ pages in content marketing. Use the interactive analyzer or get a CSV file with the keyword data.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is among the top free Tools on the market. This technology not only improves your speed but is essential for Google to index your website. They achieve this by giving you information on your performance and the search queries that bring people to your website. Then, Google allows users to share URLs and sitemaps immediately so that they may crawl them more rapidly. This is what Google refers to as “Search Analytics.”

This tool is crucial since it allows you to observe how Google and users alike perceive your website. Furthermore, poor site performance hurts your overall SEO; therefore, Google’s alerting you to the issue enables you to address it more quickly.


Spyfu is yet another all-purpose SEM tool that has some practical PPC capabilities. It’s absolutely worth a look because it won the 2020 Editors’ Choice award from G2 Crowd in the field of digital marketing. With a yearly subscription, the Basic package is incredibly affordable, starting at just $33 per month.

KWFinder Mongools

Even though Mongools provides a number of SEO tools, its KWFinder is the one that makes our list. It is an excellent SEO tool for keyword research, and small businesses can afford it because of the low cost. It offers a more than fair 10-day free trial so you can use it thoroughly before committing.

With KWFinder, long-tail keywords with lower competition can be located. Using this SEO tool makes it simpler to select keywords, examine SERPs, and examine backlinks. It is simpler to keep track of your score and how it evolves thanks to their Rank Tracker service.


Search engines play an important role in your SEO strategy. Equipping yourself with SEO tools is the first step to ensure that you run your site in a way which keeps it friendly to search engines and allows you to identify potential areas of improvement. These are some of the best free SEO checker tools for auditing and analyzing your site.

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